​Is renovating your existing home a good option for you?


Land is hard to find right now, so upgrading, extending or renovating your current home will give it a fresh new feeling, and add to the liveability, longevity and enjoyment for you.
Here at Action we think renovations are a great idea and we are happy to help you explore your options. Our skilled team can assist with an extension or a upgrade that’s smooth and coherent with the rest of the property.
Unlike a new build, renovations require a different set of skills and a different type of management that many builders shy away from. This is especially true if you plan on still living in your home while it is being renovated. With our experience in insurance repairs, our team is very comfortable and respectful with working in your home if you decided to continue living there throughout works and embrace the personal impact that a great renovation project can provide.
A high priority in renovation projects is your health, safety and comfort while we are working on your project.  We understand that it’s your home as well as a building site for a while, so we do our very best to minimise the impact on your life while we are working. We’re happy to chat about different arrangements with you.​