After inspection we submit a report to your insurer detailing the damaged caused, how it occurred and what will be required to fix it. This will be accompanied with supporting photographs to substantiate our findings. The report is normally submitted within 3 days of inspection. Your insurance company will then make the appropriate claim decision based on your policy coverage and inform us when we can proceed. 

Once your insurance company has informed us to proceed, we will send you a copy of the repairs to be completed and an invoice for your excess if applicable.  In order for us to arrange a start date, we need the scope of works document agreed to and the excess paid to us.

A scope of work is an itemised document that details the repairs we are authorised to complete for you by your insurer.  It will detail room by room  what is required to be done.  We need to ensure that this is agreed to prior to the start of works so that your expectations can be met.

If any further damage is discovered that we did not document during the initial inspection and is part of the same cause of damage, then in most cases this is also covered and we can add it to our scope during the repair by notifying your insurer.

This will be a question that should be directed to the project manager that attends your property.  It is a case by case basis depending on workload, the extent and type of work.  We really appreciate any offer of work to us and always do our best to provide customers with a complete service, however individual circumstances are always different, so a conversation with us to discuss your needs is the best approach to ensure we give you the best experience possible.

Yes! As well as our repair work we offer anything from a small repair job, to a kitchen refurbishment through to a full home build. Our tradesmen are qualified across all trades and can execute any project you have mind. Just send through an email or give us a call and we will get the ball rolling.

Unfortunately, no. We do have some great draftsmen and architects that we work with regularly, so we are happy recommend the perfect person for the job and work with you to keep the build on budget.