Time to update a tired feeling bathroom?


Simply put, the new, clean and crisp feeling of a bathroom renovation is something that our customers always report back to us they just love!

To achieve that feeling though, we know that there are 3 key components of any bathroom renovation that need to be considered...

  • It has to be functional.

  • It has to be compliant.

  • And it has to look great!


Often being one of the smaller rooms in the house, its really important that functionality is considered in any bathroom design.  Space to move, water outlets, power outlets, towel rails, fixture and product selection are all the types of things that we work out with you prior to designing or starting any renovation.  When we leave your home, we want to make sure that you have a functional and practical bathroom that suits all your needs.


With our years of experience repairing bathrooms as a result of water leaks and consequent insurance claims, we understand how important the compliant construction of a bathroom is.  Damage caused by water and poorly completed building can be widespread and costly to repair.  Here at Action we prioritise that water ends up in all the places its meant to and not in the places its not.  We use accredited and qualified water proofers and provide certificates on completion as a safeguard in the event of any mishaps.


While the bathroom is a practical area, it is also usually desirable that it looks great too.  To asssit in this process we have established great relationships with local suppliers to fill your new bathroom with new, exciting and stylish products and fixtures.  No matter what style your prefer, we will really enjoy working with you to acheive the "look" you always imagined.